1. August completed. Now on to September…


  2. That time we met 2 random ass guys and somehow through the manager got free beer, all thanks to me #note-2ndrandomguynotpictured #yetsomehowigotnofreedrinks


  3. Note to self: stop buying art. ps- ignore note to self



  5. oh-mah-quad:



    My home is the prettiest place in the world.

    Missin SF livin

    Love the city

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  6. A bobcat visited my house today


  7. This is my version of a candy shop. #iwanttobuyALLTHEFABRICS!!! #fabricdistrict


  8. rib-caged:

    I hate when guys are like “oh you’re not one of those girls that’s going to order a salad for dinner are you?” MAYBE I AM. MAYBE I FUCKING LIKE SALADS. HAVE YOU EVEN TASTED RASPBERRY VINAIGRETTE. 

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    Animals Waving Hello to You [boredpanda]

    Previously: Perfectly Timed Dog Photos



  11. thefrogman:

    Sea Lion pup by Ray Kent [website | flickr]

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